Skills Workshops
16th & 17th March 2021

Enhance your skills or learn something new in these eye-opening expert skills workshops. Covering four fundamental skill areas you need to be successful in business: Digital Marketing, Sales, Leadership & Employment, and Funding.

You'll get straightforward strategies, insider knowledge and practical training in each of the 45 minute sessions. Take advantage of as many sessions as you like because unbelievably they're all free!

The seats go pretty quickly though, so make sure you add your favourites to your schedule so you don't miss them! Your online schedule is a planner you can access through your profile, to keep track of which seminars and workshops you want to attend and when. If you've got a ticket to the event, you'll automatically have a profile on the site, where you'l find your schedule!


Leadership & Employment

Uncomplicated sessions giving you key leadership and employment skills.
Get the building blocks to grow into a confident, inspiring and strong leader, able to choose and keep the right employees.

In an ideal world, you would only hire someone who is perpetually self-motivated, consistently hits targets, and has 100% job satisfaction. If this happens, never let them go, but in the meantime learn the leadership skills, team building methods, employee perks it takes to create and maintain your dream team.
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Sales Skills

Expert coaching, for free.
All businesses have to sell to survive, no matter the size. Access straightforward strategies to generate and convert more leads, successfully motivate your sales team, and power up your business profits in these 45 minute sessions.

Learn how to generate income even for non-salespeople who have no idea where to start, find a sales consultant that suits you, or generally find free sales advice.

You'll learn:
//  How to sell better
//  How to convert more leads
//  How to get more leads
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Business Funding Skills

The sessions making finding business funding child's play!

All the elements are covered, from perfecting your pitch and meeting the right funding companies, to discovering what local alternative funding is available to you.

Small business owners will meet the best funding companies, and discover the local alternative funding that is available to you. 

Startups will uncover the secrets to delivering a winning pitch, meet local funding providers, and compare different ways to fund your new business.
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Google Digital Garage

Delivered by Google trained coaches, each of these topics will help you and your business to get more clients, become more efficient and boost your digital marketing.

You'll learn:
//  How to start showing up on Google Maps, and getting more visible on Google
//  How to create a successful social media strategy
//  How to create compelling social content and develop a tone of voice
//  An introduction to the main digital marketing channels and how to use them
//  Insight-based marketing and how to interpret data in the right way
//  Search, social and display advertising and how to get started
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Digital Marketing & Social Media

Inside access to the digital marketing experts.

Proven to simplify and elevate your marketing, these 45 minute sessions will improve your social reach, boost your leads from LinkedIn, refine your strategy, uncomplicate Google Ad's and more!

It's easy to spend a lot of time and money without getting results, so it's important that you learn how to effectively improve your business marketing.

Do you want to know:
How to do social media marketing?  //
How to come up with a business marketing strategy?  //
Ways to improve your business marketing?  //
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The Experts

Ben Young
Director of the UK's leading paid social agency
Digital Media Team
Liron Smadja
Director, Local Marketing
Sacha Bright
CEO & Founder
Tasmin Sabar
Business Confidence & Mindset Coach
Tasmin Sabar
Tony Hughes
Huthwaite International
Alison Matthias
Director of Sales & Marketing
The Association of Professional Sales
Georgie Kirk
Public-Speaking Coach
Put Yourself Across
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