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15 Mar, 2020 /
Dasiy Communications
With the UK's biggest providers offering unlimited data plans, we answer your questions about the new tariffs.
Visit us at Stand 646 at the Northern Business Expo and get 20% off our unlimited tariff...
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Northern Business Expo
Google My Business listings. What, How and Why.
Google My Business (GMB) is one of the best ways to get local rankings and improve your ...
Atlas Business Group
/ 12 Mar, 2020
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Server Colocation could have more benefits than you think.

Everyone is talking about the Cloud, but essentially a cloud is just a set of hard drives somewhere in a data centre.  The location could be irrelevant but as a company the decision to be made is: which would suit your business requirements best; on-premise, in the cloud, or colocation?

Why on-premise?
There are benefits to having your servers on-premise.  No reliance on internet connections being the primary benefit, particularly for businesses in rural areas without sufficient connection speeds.  For some companies compliance dictates the need for owning your servers and having complete access control to them, ruling out the Cloud as an option altogether.

What are the disadvantages with on-premise?
There are disadvantages to having your servers on-premise.  You need to have a secure, access controlled and air-conditioned room to house the hardware, backups need to be maintained and either transported offsite or to the Cloud if possible, compliance and liability is solely with your business.

So why Colocate?

Colocating your servers gives you the benefits of on-premise servers without the disadvantages.  With colocation your business would still own their own private servers but it is housed in a secure data centre.  Your servers are maintained by the data centre engineers, and you benefit from the high connection speeds and security of the data centre.  Cloud backups and replication or tape backups can all be configured and maintained on your behalf.  
Your business can operate from anywhere – should the worst happen and your premises are destroyed by flood or fire, your business will be able to get access to the servers from any location making recovery much quicker and your business data will always be safe.

How can Atlas help?
We have our own private and highly secure data centre located in a former Nuclear bunker just outside of Nantwich.  With multiple redundant high speed connections, underground backup generators for months of uninterrupted power and high security access controls; did we mention it was a Nuclear bunker!
Atlas can move your existing hardware to our dedicated data centre and will manage everything for you. 
We have ISO27001 certification and highly qualified engineers up to CISSP ensuring your business compliance needs will be taken care of. 
We are extremely proud of our Data Centre and would love the opportunity to show you round.  For a sneak peek please see our video on Linked In
Please come to stand 632 for more information or to book a tour of the Secret Nuclear Bunker.

The Northern Business Exhibition is your chance to transform your business get you free ticket here.

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