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Dasiy Communications / 15 Mar 2020
With the UK's biggest providers offering unlimited data plans, we answer your questions about the new tariffs.
Visit us at Stand 646 at the Northern Business Expo and get 20% off our unlimited tariff...
NX Comms / 14 Mar 2020
Dongles Are Dead!
It’s unlikely that you’ll ever be in an area without a signal. If one network has a ...
Northern Business Expo / 13 Mar 2020
How to write engaging content for social media
Putting all of this together is hard, especially with the sheer volume of content that u...
Atlas Business Group / 12 Mar 2020
Server Colocation could have more benefits than you think.
explore co-locating your server
Northern Business Expo / 12 Mar 2020
Ultimate guide to a successful marketing plan
Follow this initial guide to make sure you get the most you can from your marketing stra...
Northern Business Expo / 11 Mar 2020
Google My Business listings. What, How and Why.
Google My Business (GMB) is one of the best ways to get local rankings and improve your ...
Northern Business Expo / 10 Mar 2020
Social Media 101
As good as social media can be, it isn’t as easy as putting an ad in the local newspap...
Atlas Business Group / 10 Mar 2020
It is no longer a matter of “if” but “when” a real world threat will compromise your business data.  Will you be ready
What happens when disaster strikes your business!
Northern Business Expo / 09 Mar 2020
Content marketing strategy – what, how and why
The best way to describe it is that it is your overall vision that guides the content de...
Nxcomms / 08 Mar 2020
Are you ready for full fibre broadband?
Are you ready for full fibre broadband?
Atlas Business Group / 08 Mar 2020
Say goodbye to large telephone bills and go all inclusive
Tomorrows telecom
Nxcomms / 07 Mar 2020
What’s a Private APN and why should I care?
That’s where a Private APN comes in. This type of connection gives you your very own p...
Huthwaite International / 06 Mar 2020
Decisions, decisions – map out your decision-making unit to sell more effectively
You may assume the most senior person is the ultimate decision maker but that may not be...
Dasiy Communications / 05 Mar 2020
Upgrade to VoIP and discover the benefits
You might have heard the words Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) being spoken about ov...
Nxcomms / 04 Mar 2020
Could Your Internet Connection Be Endangering Your Business?
If you sit there and do nothing about your internet, you’re courting disaster. Don’t...
Northern Business Expo / 03 Mar 2020
Top tips for entrepreneurs
You’re an entrepreneur with a business idea, ready to get cracking. It’s an exciting...
Daisy Communications / 03 Mar 2020
How a VoIP phone system could save you time, money and resources
By getting rid of their premise-based phone systems, companies are discovering new, stre...
Huthwaite International / 02 Mar 2020
 Fact or Fiction: The top 10 myths in sales strategy
Learn which actions lead to sales success and how to avoid those that don’t. Understan...
YorCyberSec / 01 Mar 2020
Shopping and email safety online
Doing these things will not guarantee that payment information cannot be taken but it hi...
Dasiy Communications / 29 Feb 2020
Why your legacy phone system is costing you more than you think
Why your legacy phone system is costing you more than you think
Northern Business Expo / 28 Feb 2020
12 ways to push your small business to new heights
Take a step back from your everyday tasks and consider how many of these points apply to...
Dasiy Communications / 27 Feb 2020
Answers To Your Questions About the PSTN 2025 Switch Off
Answers To Your Questions About the PSTN 2025 Switch Off
Fiscale Ltd - R&D Tax Credits / 26 Feb 2020
How to maximise your R&D Tax Credits claim
How to get maximum value from your R&D! In our humble opinion there are still far too ma...
Daisy Communications / 25 Feb 2020
Unpacking the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Range
Explore and save on the new Samsung S20 Range
Northern Business Expo / 24 Feb 2020
11 steps to get the most out of visiting an expo or trade show
Events and trade shows are great for many reasons, no more so than in this digital age. ...
Huthwaite International / 23 Feb 2020
SPIN® SELLING – stop talking and start listening
Sellers must take care not to get caught up in the excitement of talking about the bells...
Northern Business Expo / 22 Feb 2020
The 7 building blocks for a prosperous consultancy career
Whether you’re unsure how to begin your consulting career, or you’ve already started...
Northern Business Expo / 22 Feb 2020
5 books every small business owner and entrepreneur needs
Here is a list of our top 5 books that every small business owner and entrepreneur shoul...
Northern Business Expo / 21 Feb 2020
How to keep your mind healthy whilst running a small business
One in six people who work in the UK have anxiety, depression or similar every year, and...
Northern Business Expo / 20 Feb 2020
Invoice scams targeting SME's - how to stay safe
Scammers today are not the same as 5 or 10 years ago. It’s so important to stay vigila...
Northern Business Expo / 08 Jan, 2020
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Motivating your workforce: 4 inspiring brands who just get it

The need for a motivated workforce is one thing all businesses have in common – regardless of size, sector or age. Having motivated staff brings unlimited benefits to any business; from increased productivity and greater profit margins to reduced absenteeism and lower staff turnover.

Take a look at some of the world’s most well-known brands and how they take special care towards ensuring their workers are inspired:

John Lewis

John Lewis strongly focuses on its people. One way it does this is by calling their employees partners. This is not just a useless word they put in front of their job title that does nothing or enhances their life in no way, it is done to create a connection between the company and their workers. By calling them partners, the corporation is clearly stating that there is a collective responsibility for the customers and the performance of the company.

So, they involve all their partners in decisions, which is successful in empowering them to relay the best experience for their customers.


This monopoly, multi-national corporation is known for listening to its employees. It’s reasoning behind this is to let them know that they are valued and are seen as an asset rather than a cost. They listen to their opinions and take on board their ideas extracted through having healthy debates.

It’s a win-win; the organisation keeps learning and employees feel important and engage with the organisation.


Coca-Cola keeps their 62,000-strong workforce happy through great benefits and incentives. In addition to a generous benefits package, they offer perks that other companies do not. They provide education benefits including tuition scholarships as well as having a Matching Gifts Program up to $10,000 per participant. Further to this, they help make away trips more affordable for their employees as well as providing gym discounts. Not as exciting – but still a perk – they also provide on-site dry cleaning!

To take it a step further, Coca-Cola also effectively communicates with their employees through regular employee surveys to be get an understanding of real-time feedback from their employees and see how they can improve their workplace.


Employees of Twitter are always bragging about the company’s culture. With friendly co-workers, meetings being held on beautiful rooftops, and a team-oriented environment we can understand why. Employees lucky enough to work at the San Francisco headquarters also get free meals, along with yoga classes and unlimited holiday.

There are thousands of examples out there of companies that have hit the nail on the head when it comes to motivating their team – huge multi-national companies to smaller businesses. However, its not always easy and can be expensive. Nevertheless, it is achievable and there are plenty of cost-effective ways to keep your workers happy.

So, what are you going to change to keep hold of the talent you worked so hard to get? To find out more and get practical tips and advice why not visit the Northern Business Expo? It's the biggest business event in the North of England and even has an Employment & Leadership Workshop Hall where you can attend masterclasses from the experts. You'll be able to meet HR experts, network with thousands of your peers and more, all for free. Just get your free ticket online now!
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