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Dasiy Communications / 15 Mar 2020
With the UK's biggest providers offering unlimited data plans, we answer your questions about the new tariffs.
Visit us at Stand 646 at the Northern Business Expo and get 20% off our unlimited tariff...
NX Comms / 14 Mar 2020
Dongles Are Dead!
It’s unlikely that you’ll ever be in an area without a signal. If one network has a ...
Northern Business Expo / 13 Mar 2020
How to write engaging content for social media
Putting all of this together is hard, especially with the sheer volume of content that u...
Atlas Business Group / 12 Mar 2020
Server Colocation could have more benefits than you think.
explore co-locating your server
Northern Business Expo / 12 Mar 2020
Ultimate guide to a successful marketing plan
Follow this initial guide to make sure you get the most you can from your marketing stra...
Northern Business Expo / 11 Mar 2020
Google My Business listings. What, How and Why.
Google My Business (GMB) is one of the best ways to get local rankings and improve your ...
Northern Business Expo / 10 Mar 2020
Social Media 101
As good as social media can be, it isn’t as easy as putting an ad in the local newspap...
Atlas Business Group / 10 Mar 2020
It is no longer a matter of “if” but “when” a real world threat will compromise your business data.  Will you be ready
What happens when disaster strikes your business!
Northern Business Expo / 09 Mar 2020
Content marketing strategy – what, how and why
The best way to describe it is that it is your overall vision that guides the content de...
Nxcomms / 08 Mar 2020
Are you ready for full fibre broadband?
Are you ready for full fibre broadband?
Atlas Business Group / 08 Mar 2020
Say goodbye to large telephone bills and go all inclusive
Tomorrows telecom
Nxcomms / 07 Mar 2020
What’s a Private APN and why should I care?
That’s where a Private APN comes in. This type of connection gives you your very own p...
Huthwaite International / 06 Mar 2020
Decisions, decisions – map out your decision-making unit to sell more effectively
You may assume the most senior person is the ultimate decision maker but that may not be...
Dasiy Communications / 05 Mar 2020
Upgrade to VoIP and discover the benefits
You might have heard the words Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) being spoken about ov...
Nxcomms / 04 Mar 2020
Could Your Internet Connection Be Endangering Your Business?
If you sit there and do nothing about your internet, you’re courting disaster. Don’t...
Northern Business Expo / 03 Mar 2020
Top tips for entrepreneurs
You’re an entrepreneur with a business idea, ready to get cracking. It’s an exciting...
Daisy Communications / 03 Mar 2020
How a VoIP phone system could save you time, money and resources
By getting rid of their premise-based phone systems, companies are discovering new, stre...
Huthwaite International / 02 Mar 2020
 Fact or Fiction: The top 10 myths in sales strategy
Learn which actions lead to sales success and how to avoid those that don’t. Understan...
YorCyberSec / 01 Mar 2020
Shopping and email safety online
Doing these things will not guarantee that payment information cannot be taken but it hi...
Dasiy Communications / 29 Feb 2020
Why your legacy phone system is costing you more than you think
Why your legacy phone system is costing you more than you think
Northern Business Expo / 28 Feb 2020
12 ways to push your small business to new heights
Take a step back from your everyday tasks and consider how many of these points apply to...
Dasiy Communications / 27 Feb 2020
Answers To Your Questions About the PSTN 2025 Switch Off
Answers To Your Questions About the PSTN 2025 Switch Off
Fiscale Ltd - R&D Tax Credits / 26 Feb 2020
How to maximise your R&D Tax Credits claim
How to get maximum value from your R&D! In our humble opinion there are still far too ma...
Daisy Communications / 25 Feb 2020
Unpacking the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Range
Explore and save on the new Samsung S20 Range
Northern Business Expo / 24 Feb 2020
11 steps to get the most out of visiting an expo or trade show
Events and trade shows are great for many reasons, no more so than in this digital age. ...
Huthwaite International / 23 Feb 2020
SPIN® SELLING – stop talking and start listening
Sellers must take care not to get caught up in the excitement of talking about the bells...
Northern Business Expo / 22 Feb 2020
The 7 building blocks for a prosperous consultancy career
Whether you’re unsure how to begin your consulting career, or you’ve already started...
Northern Business Expo / 22 Feb 2020
5 books every small business owner and entrepreneur needs
Here is a list of our top 5 books that every small business owner and entrepreneur shoul...
Northern Business Expo / 21 Feb 2020
How to keep your mind healthy whilst running a small business
One in six people who work in the UK have anxiety, depression or similar every year, and...
Northern Business Expo / 20 Feb 2020
Invoice scams targeting SME's - how to stay safe
Scammers today are not the same as 5 or 10 years ago. It’s so important to stay vigila...
Northern Business Expo / 16 Jan, 2020
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Meet the keynotes

 At the 2020 edition of the biggest business event in the North of England, there are some cracking keynotes, ready to inspire and motivate you and your business. Find out who they are by reading below, then make sure you get your free ticket to the event on 17th & 18th March at Manchester Central. 

You can see the full keynote, seminar and workshop timetable here.


Mark Wright, Winner of BBC’s The Apprentice


Mark Wright is an award-winning, influential entrepreneur and self-taught digital marketing specialist, renowned for his success in winning BBC’s The Apprentice. In securing the winners title, Mark went on to find and develop one of the UK’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies, Climb Online, in partnership with Lord Sugar. 

As the most successful business to have been founded by an Apprentice winner to date, Climb Online is renowned for its disruptive approach to digital marketing, working with household brands to generate profit and scale growth.

In January 2017, Mark secured a prime spot on the Forbes 30 under 30 list [Europe], for his continuous impact on and dedication to the business sector and has since won a host of business accolades including Entrepreneur’s Team of the Year at the 2018 Great British Entrepreneur Awards and Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2018 UK Business Awards. 

Mark will be speaking on ‘Lead Generation 101’ on Tuesday 17th March at the Northern Business Expo. Get your free ticket online now!

Alex Partridge, Founder of UNILAD & LADBible


From zero to 40 million followers.
 Alex Partridge is one of the pioneers of social media content the way we know it today. At age 21 in 2010, while a student at Oxford Brookes University, he created, designed and wrote Unilad, one of the most popular social news and entertainment internet company in the world with an astonishing following of 40 million people around the globe. 

In 2017 Alex was involved in a major legal dispute over the ownership of the company – he had left his editorial role in 2013 while remaining a stakeholder – and won the case.

Regarded as a ‘Facebook genius’, Alex is now an acclaimed professional speaker.

Alex will be speaking on ‘How I created 2 global social media brands with zero finance’ on Tuesday 17th March at the Northern Business Expo. Get your free ticket online now!

Anastasia Kenyon, Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019


Manchester born Anastasia Kenyon founded her first business (Palette) in 2015, and has gone on to have huge success with her other ventures Kandi Cosmetics and Make It Up.

Anastasia saw a gap in the market where the fast fashion retailers wanted their own brands, so founded Make It Up which sources and distributes white label cosmetics to retailers such as They now supply 80% of Boohoo's cosmetics.
Kandi Cosmetics is retailed on Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, InTheStyle and Nasty Gal.

Recent awards:
Young Achiever of the Year 2019 at The English Women's Awards North
Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 at The Lancashire Business Awards

Anastasia will be speaking on ‘Feminism in business - an inter-sectional discussion’ on Tuesday 17th March at the Northern Business Expo. Get your free ticket online now!


Anthony Rose, The Man Behind BBC iPlayer

Anthony Rose started at the BBC as the new head of iPlayer three months before it was due to debut, and despite the years of work and the (rumoured) double-digit millions of pounds that had been spent on it's development, it was nowhere near ready. The world was becoming digital, and streaming technology was moving faster and faster - the then 84 year old BBC needed the streaming service and soon. Within the 3 months, Anthony repeatedly revised and improved iPlayer, focussing on UX and accessibility, and saw it through it's successful launch.

Anthony stayed as Chief Technical Offier of BBC iPlayer until 2010, during which his team grew from 65 people to more than 250, and iPlayer won a Bafta Award for Innovation. Recent figures show that iPlayer streams an average of 272 million programmes per month, which is around 3.3billion per year. The BBC's audience are steadily watching less and less live TV, showing just how important the successful launch of the iPlayer platform was. 

  • Broadcast Magazine's Individual Achievement Award, 2009
  • ITVT All-star award for Leadership, 2012
  • Digital Innovation award from the Digital TV Euro50 Awards, 2013

Anthony will be speaking on ‘How to build a product that your customers will love’ on Tuesday 17th March at the Northern Business Expo. Get your free ticket online now!

Alfie Best, self-made millionaire and CEO of Wyldecrest Parks


Alfie Best started working at the age of 8 years old with his father, labouring and tarmacking. His first business was at the age of just 14, buying and selling cars and vans. Alfie quickly moved on and, during the 1990s, became the owner of several mobile phone shops across London. Full of new ideas and with his hands-on approach and his very unique business style, in 2001 Alfie Best started the business which changed his life. He invested in his very first mobile home park in Romford, Lakeview Residential Park. Today, the business he started 15 years ago, is valued at £200 million.

With all his success, it was not a total surprise for his name to be included in the 2018 Sunday Times Rich List. Due to his accurate business vision, strong and inspirational leadership, drive, ambition, persistence, and hands-on approach personality, Alfie Best has achieved the status of a successful entrepreneur and a multimillionaire businessman, respected and admired amongst the most varied circles of people, from different ages, cultures and backgrounds. 

Alfie will be speaking on ‘Accelerate your business - new ideas to break the monotony’ on Wednesday 18th March at the Northern Business Expo. Get your free ticket online now!


Brad Burton, the UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker


Brad left school with no qualifications and spent years on benefits before starting his own business in 2006. With £25,000 of debt he was delivering pizzas at weekends to help keep his business afloat. 10 years on, 4Networking runs over 5,000+ business networking meetings each year with 1000’s of members, and is a multi-million international business. 

This energetic entrepreneur not only helps just small growing companies, but regularly motivates and speaks to global organisations such as Bentley, JCB, COSTA & NHS. It’s no wonder that he holds the title of UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker. An author of 4 business books, he is also the UK’s highest-rated 5star business author on Amazon.

Beneath the bluff exterior of the self styled "bloke from Manchester" is a shrewd business brain.
- The Times

Brad will be speaking on ‘Do you want to be a happier, more successful version of yourself?’ on Tuesday 18th March at the Northern Business Expo. Get your free ticket online now!

Antony Bonney, Natwest Bank's Official Speaker for LinkedIn Events & MD of the UK's Leading LinkedIn Agency

Antony is the official speaker for LinkedIn events held by Natwest Bank, and is also Managing Director of the UK's Leading LinkedIn Agency, InSurge.

His vision was to not only create a new way to prospect for B2B sales-people by utilising but to then share this knowledge through content and speaking events. Sitting in the sunshine 2 years after orchestrating his previous companies expansion into Tenerife, Antony received a welcome phone call from an old friend and colleague. By the end of that conversation, he was ready to approach his wife with the bombshell of moving back to the UK.

Once back in the UK Antony spent 6 months developing the inSurge Strategy for LinkedIn and building it into the UK's Leading LinkedIn Digital Agency.

Antony will be speaking on ‘Make LinkedIn work for YOUR business.’ on Tuesday 18th March at the Northern Business Expo. Get your free ticket online now!


Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester


Andy Burnham was elected as Mayor of Greater Manchester in May 2017. Responsible for shaping the future of Greater Manchester, Andy’s priorities include ending rough sleeping, transforming Greater Manchester into one of the greenest city regions in Europe, and making Greater Manchester a great place to live, get on, and grow old.

Andy is committed to making Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world to start, scale and grow a business. Greater Manchester has a fantastic business ecosystem, creating good and meaningful jobs that benefit our residents and growing our economy is a Mayoral priority.

Andy will be speaking at the Northern Business Expo 2020. Get your free ticket online now!


Warren Cass, Professional Speaker & Author


Warren Cass is a speaker that inspires, entertains and informs. He has experienced huge success and tasted the bitter pill of failure. All of these lessons and stories are shared when he speaks, and always from the heart!

Warren has a straight-talking, no-nonsense presentation style. His passion for business shows, especially when he talks about influence & marketing. His talks contain real life relatable stories designed to get the audience involved with the content. At heart Warren is a geek who loves to figure out why and how things work. He firmly believes we live in times of significant change, and to stay ahead, we need to understand the game.

Warren will be speaking on ‘Influence in a changing world’ on Tuesday 18th March at the Northern Business Expo. Get your free ticket online now!


Carl Reader, Entrepreneur, Author & Small Business Champion, The Start Up Coach


The school drop-out turned entrepreneur, business advisor and small business champion.

As a teenager, Carl Reader’s life didn’t look promising, but he has since become a mentor and advisor to some of the UK’s largest organisations, as well as chairman of his own company, d&t advisory.

These days, Carl helps people understand that business isn't difficult - in language an eight year old can understand. He is the founder of the #BeYourOwnBoss movement, who's focus is on offering straightforward, accessible advice to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to start and grow. ​Carl is the author of 'The Startup Coach', and regularly features in both the national press and trade journals, as well as in radio, television and podcast slots, providing an expert view on a variety of business matters.

Carl will be speaking on ‘#Be your own boss (even if you have a boss)’ on Wednesday 18th March at the Northern Business Expo. Get your free ticket online now!


Ben Kench, UK's #1 Sales & Business Growth Specialist, Author of Selling for Dummies

Ben Kench is an author, entrepreneur, coach and professional business speaker. As the author of Selling For Dummies, he knows a huge amount about not only selling, but human nature and what it takes to build a whole business around getting more sales.

He is now the UK's #1 Sales & Business Growth Specialist, and understands how to manage people, process and products to generate massive profits.

Ben will be speaking on ‘Business: the successful way’ on Tuesday 18th March at the Northern Business Expo. Get your free ticket online now!
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