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Northern Business Expo
/ 02 Feb, 2020
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Easy techniques to quickly close every sale

Fortunately, when it comes to closing techniques, all the hard work has been done. There are many tried and tested methods that are available for you and your business to use. Some may work, others not so much.

However, having the basic knowledge about some of the most commonly used effective methods will allow you to have a better idea about which one will be more successful when selling your services and products. Take a look at some of the best closing techniques to improve your conversations and reduce the “no’s”: 

The Summary Close

This involves summarising all the benefits of your product, and what value it would bring to your prospects’ business. You can also use this to make distinctions between two or three possible options you're offering, to help remind your lead of what their options are.

The Puppy Dog Close

This method is based on the notion that people who walk into pet stores and hold puppies are more likely to buy them (due to their unbearable cuteness). This translates to letting your prospect try out your product with the end goal being closing the deal; offer a free trial, keep a product for a month, let them test drive the car and so on. 

The Sharp Angle Close

People who are bombarded with sales pitches understand they have the upper hand; they know they can often ask for add-ons or discounts, knowing you are likely to say “yes” to avoid losing the sale. To deal with these experienced negotiators, use their demands to your advantage. Assuming you are allowed to, give them what they want but demand something in return, i.e. "Yes, I can offer you 10% discount but only on the basis that you sign today”. However, make sure you now when to say “no” to ‘extras’ as this can really damage your profits.

The Assumptive Close

The Assumptive Close is based on the concept that you firmly believe you will close the sale. The confidence is oozing through the language you use throughout the pitch which makes your prospect more inclined to believe they should go ahead with the deal. For this to work, it is crucial to keep checking frequently on your prospect, gauging their level of interest, objections, and determining if they're on the same page as you.

The Now or Never Close

This method is great for creating urgency – something many salespeople struggle with. Offer your prospect something that they can only get if they commit within a certain period of time. This can include getting a discount, adding in some extra value, keeping the old price before it increases and so on.

Every scenario will need a different closing method. Ensure you and your team are well prepared, have a look at some of your most common objections and see which techniques are best to deal with them. Modify the most appropriate ones so that they work for your business, and you will see more “no’s” turn into “yes’s”. 

One of the best ways to learn sales skills is direct from the experts, which you can do in the sales skills masterclasses at the Northern Business Expo on 17th & 18th March 2020 at Manchester Central. They're free to join, and you'll also be at the biggest business event in the North of England with thousands of other business professionals, owners and entrepreneurs. Simply get your free ticket online now!
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