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Server Colocation could have more benefits than you think.
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Northern Business Expo
/ 24 Jan, 2020
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7 reasons b2b email marketing is still vital in 2020

It’s easy to think that social media is the only way forward in 2020. 

Nearly every business, big and small, has some sort of footprint on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Certainly, your marketing strategy should incorporate at least one of these platforms. However, it should not be the only format you focus on. Email marketing, often regarded as losing its influence, old fashioned, and spammy, is actually stronger than ever for most customers. It is estimated that 4.3billion of the world’s population will use email by 2023 – can you really afford to not use it?

For lead generation purposes in particular, the power of email marketing must not be underestimated.

If you have been convinced that email marketing has gone the way of the dinosaur, we can provide a compelling case that states otherwise. These are just a few reasons as to why you should be capitalizing on email marketing if you aren’t already.


Whilst you might get reviews on Facebook from clients, or have a feedback page on your site, only a few dedicated customers tend to fill these in. Using email, you can send out a personal email to your customers asking for their opinions and tend to get a much higher response. We all know the power of customer reviews in today’s market, and how much you need to hear the criticism’s of your customers as much as the positive reviews.

To reap all of these benefits for your own business, develop a B2B email marketing strategy today!


Out of all the different communication mediums, email is arguably the most personal of them all. Business owners generally do not engage in personal conversations on social media. These formats are typically reserved for mass marketing efforts, with little effort made into personalizing their message. In contrast, business-people often use Outlook or Gmail for one-on-one conversations. The nature of the format makes it easy to tailor your message to each individual customer, allowing you to build a close connection with them as a person.

As digital evolves further and further, there are so many new ways to personalise and tailor your emails to your audience, so this will only be more and more important to master.

Cost effective

The costs are minimal to email marketing. If you already have a database of customers or prospects, then your only cost is probably email marketing software, and there are plenty of free or reasonably priced companies you can use. You can produce the content yourself, or if you have the budget you can outsource it. The cost per lead of this tends to be much lower than say, Google Ads, Facebook ads or printing costs for physical collateral.

Businesses pay more attention 

Email marketing allows you to engage in more face-to face-interaction with your clients. This stands in stark comparison to social media, which does not allow you to get enough personal attention in a business context. Instead of trying to conduct business on social media, clients spend more time reading their emails. Because they are likely to check their email than their social account, you stand a better chance of communicating with them effectively.

Direct access to your customers

Let’s not forget that retaining a customer can be up to 5 times cheaper than finding a new one. All businesses need to focus on keeping customers returning again and again, and a large part of that is sending relevant offers and incentives via email. It is your data and your customers – they trust you and know your brand, so open rates should be high. It is a simple and low cost way to stay in touch, and maximise your revenue from each customer.

Volume of users

Email has three times the number of users found on Twitter and Facebook combined. Facebook and Twitter, excluding spam, comprise only 0.2% of the emails that are sent everyday. If you are targeting an older audience, you can bet that a lot of them won’t be too active on social media; emailing them would be your best shot at contacting them directly. Even younger audiences will still be receptive to email, since having an email account is considered standard for nearly all age groups.


Through email marketing, you are sending out specifically targeted messages to your audience. Each one of these messages can be targeted on the basis of local market conditions, preferences, and location. This method removes the uncertainty that makes marketing strategies ineffective; by allowing you to make lists bases on income, marital status, gender, age, and more, your marketing campaigns will be much more effective in reaching your target audience.

The predicted changes to email marketing over the next few years are incredible, with more interaction, personalisation, accessibility and automation in the pipeline. All of this indicates that email marketing isn’t going anywhere – and will in fact become a more and more valuable tool for businesses.

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