Company Overview


nextfin is creating the alternative finance marketplace. A place where entrepreneurs, investors & alternative finance providers meet.

We aggregate equity and debt crowdfunding investment opportunities from leading crowdfunding web sites and refer businesses to raise finance.

You can L.I.B.R.E.; Lend, invest, borrow, raise and even exit on Eventually you will be able sell your debt or shares creating a whole new market. Libre means freedom, to us it means to be free of traditional finance. It is our mission to help investors make money and for that to happen we need to bring liquidity to the alternative finance market by creating a place you can sell your debt or shares.

You can apply to get the funds your business needs. If you're starting up or looking to expand we will find the right solution for you. We are partners with a large variety of alternative finance providers and our agents take away the leg work by scouring the market and finding options available to you.

We are friendly approachable people, driven with a passion to help businesses and investors succeed. We Love entrepreneurs and people who take control of their own destiny. We believe in WIN WIN and the power of collective action. Fun, Freedom, and Equality are high in our core values. We are disrupters, we don’t shy away from a challenge or get scared in the face of adversity. We battle to bring equality to all people. We believe you make your own luck and for the driven entrepreneur or investor there should be no barriers to entry. If you have the skills to make it work and if you're a savvy investor you should be able to invest, borrow or raise capital in the same way a corporation, banker or broker can.

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