Helen Dewdney
Consumer champion and best-selling author ​​​​​​​, The Complaining Cow


Helen has always had a passion for fighting injustice. She started complaining to companies that didn’t keep to agreements or broke consumer law from the age of 11!
In 2012 she started a blog sharing stories of fighting companies with poor customer service. It grew into advising consumers and developed into the book How to complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results! which remains a best-seller.

She is the ThisIsMoney consumer columnist. Her strong mainstream and social media presence means that Helen regularly has the ear of consumers and knows what they want in complaint handling and customer service and works with businesses in improving these areas. Helen regularly appears on BBC Breakfast, The One Show, Rip Off Britain, Radio 4 and 5 and more. 
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