In 2014 Sacha Bright founded Nextfin and is changing the way people invest in businesses. Nextfin is the UK's first equity and debt Crowdfunding aggregator. His mission is to help entrepreneurs get the funding they deserve and help investors find the right investments.

“I am a passionate, driven entrepreneur who harnesses the infinite possibilities of the internet for business. Fintech, alternative finance including equity & debt Crowdfunding is changing the way we fund businesses. I believe a small business should have the same access to finance as big business. Retail investors should have access to higher interest rates and better returns. Building the next financial market is mine and Nextfin’s vision. A place where all small business investments are found. My  motto is “Don't Talk, Do” But do what you love and operate in your genius. This is the reason why I am so passionate about helping entrepreneurs and investors. They take risks no one else will, invest in what they love and in doing so change the world.”

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