Rimi Thapar
Founder & CEO , LoveRaw - disrupting the confectionary sector

About me


As Dr Seuss said “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” - hell yes!

In 2011, Rimi Thapar sadly lost her Father, following a devastating and unexpected illness. Inspired to live and eat well, Rimi made the conscious decision to eat natural foods, yet quickly realised a lot of the seemingly healthy and ‘clean’ products available contained a lot of artificial ingredients. 

Focused on disrupting the market, Rimi started to work on her own 100% transparent and natural snacks, officially launching the LoveRaw brand in 2013. 

Initially developed from a kitchen table, LoveRaw has since successfully disrupted the vegan confectionary sector, having honed its 100% natural, vegan chocolate buttercup product, now sold in five different flavours and in over 5 major supermarkets and retail chains in 10 different countries worldwide. 

The first of its kind to have been introduced to the market, the LoveRaw chocolate buttercup has completely transformed consumer perceptions on ‘natural’ products, with Rimi having worked hard to create delicious, decadent chocolate that is 100% natural and vegan. This driving commercial, retailer agreements and resulting consumer loyalty. 

The brand’s success has attracted multiple investment opportunities, including a rejected £50,000 offer in the Dragon’s Den from serial investor, Deborah Meaden, together with a recent multi-million-pound investment, received from Blue Horizon, venture capitalists renowned for investing in ‘game-changing’ plant-based food brands. 

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