17th & 18th March 2020

At NBE20 you will find everything you need to successfuly grow and develop your business this year, whether you have 1 or 300 employees.

What's on for business owners and managers?

Google Digital Garage
Free digital marketing sessions direct from Google, demonstrating how to get the most out of your online presence and social media
Free expert advice
Free, straight talking, personalised advice about business growth.
Get 20 minutes one on one with an expert to ask anything on the key business topics.
Connect with like-minded business people & grow your network for free in the dedicated area, hosted by four of Manchester's best networking companies.

Tip - Set your goals for the year ahead
Setting appropriate goals for yourself is the best way to make sure that, come December, you’re looking back on a fantastic year where you’ve achieved what you wanted. 
If you havent already, take a look at some tips to help you set your business goals for 2019

Sales Workshops
Learn simple strategies to generate and convert more leads, consistently motivate your sales team, and boost your overall business profits with these focused group sessions.
Digital Workshops
Learn how to improve social media for business, how to market a business on LinkedIn, how to improve a marketing strategy in these expert led digital marketing workshops.
Funding Workshops
Learn how to access funding to scale up your business, meet local alternative finance experts, and find out how to create a great pitch to secure funding.

Tip - Build your professional network
Networking is key for new and growing businesses as it gives you more than just a platform to tell others about your business. It helps you to find potential clients and build a sustainable business while learning from the success of others. Connect with thousands of other business owners at the event and you never know who you might meet. Here's some key advice on how you can optimize your next networking opportunity.

Networking Breakfast
A 'by invitation only' breakfast networking session before the event starts, with key members of the business community. It's free to attend, if you'd like to request an invitation, do so today!
Cost Saving Clinic
Cutting costs is an often overlooked way to increase profits in business. Come and see the experts who can compare prices for you and show you where you can be saving!
Keynote Seminars
The 2019 Keynote seminars are delivered by some of the most successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs in the UK, all sharing their tips and insights into staying relevant and achieving more.

Tip - Find the right employees for your business
 Develop your leadership skills, explore new team buildingg methods, apply employee perks and discover what it takes to create and maintain your dreamteam and propel your business to new heights. Keep your workforce happy and engaged with these top tips.

Leadership Workshops
Learn how to keep your employees happy, how remote working can improve your business, how to be a great leader/manager, and how apprenticeships benefit businesses.
Automation Workshops
Automation is the future of business.
Learn how to stay competitive using email automation, chatbots, CRM systems and workflow, and how to get started with it all!
Small Business Clinic
Get real business advice from real business owners who have been there and done is, successfully! Ask anything! They're there to answer any questions you have to help you achieve more in 2019.

Tip - Fund your business growth
Whether you are looking to scale-up, purchase new equipment, expand into new premises or take advantage of exciting growth opportunities, there are many funding possibilities you can consider. Explore your options and find the right avenue for funding that fits you and your business growth plans. Take a look at just some sources of funding you might not have considered.


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