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Northern Business Expo
/ 13 Jan, 2020
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Why you should attend business events in 2020

Starting a business isn’t a short-term thing. It needs constant nurturing, forward-movement and innovation to stay afloat. 

Almost 80% of businesses fail within their first year in the UK (according to research by, which is a staggering stat. 

There’s lots of reasons why businesses fail in the UK, including the common difficulties with cashflow and finance which is often seen as something that can’t be helped in the current economy. However, the less talked about reason for going under is a systematic lack of management skills. Adult education here lags far behind other countries, including training on how to manage people, time and money. 

It’s simply not enough to be passionate and have a great business idea to make sure your business survives and is able to grow. There are plenty of online courses for business, but not much beats attending a free expo where you can learn face to face, ask questions, and compare your options.

Just some reasons that it’s worth taking a couple of hours to attend one:

1. Learn from the experts

You may have a great business plan, but not be an expert in marketing. You may have your finances down but need some help in people management. No one is an expert in everything, but as a small business owner you need to understand all the basics, or carefully choose what to outsource. 

Learning by yourself online is possible, but with so much information out there, much of it conflicting, it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

Speakers at expo’s are experts in their field, and are there to give you simple, practical information and advice. There are usually some highly successful entrepreneurs too, giving you an injection of motivation and inspiration! 

2. Increased motivation

Being in a hall surrounded by thousands of business owners and hearing from successful people you’ll get the business buzz, and with access to all the tools you need you’ll actually be able to make a difference in your business in one day!

Sometimes even just taking a step back from your day to day to look at the big picture gives you a different perspective and re-ignites your excitement.

You’ll be around and meet other business owners who you can share ideas and creativity with, make some great friends and business connections, and even generate new business ideas! 

3. Networking opportunities

Networking is important in business. 
You might already go to networking events, which is great! Business expo’s are your chance to meet people who wouldn’t normally attend a dedicated networking event, so you can extend your network even further.

If you don’t go to networking events already, then expo’s give you the chance to try out different types of sessions. You can get a feel for what styles you like and see if it’s as scary as you thought! It’s also a quick and easy way to meet potentially powerful connections, mentors, financers or friends.

Because business expos are only attended by people who care about business, you already have a shared interest. This makes networking considerably less awkward because you can jump straight in and discuss what your businesses are, your goals and problems. As an entrepreneur it can be lonely and feel like you’re shouldering your responsibilities and worries on your own. Meeting people who are doing the same can be a real relief and can give you someone to talk to when you need a pick me up!

4. Stay relevant 

Learn the latest information, techniques and trends so that you can stay on top. Business develops at an alarming rate, marketing is constantly evolving, and what your customers want is changing. Expo’s feature the most recent changes and are designed to keep you up to date. 

You’ll also meet other business professionals, which is great for sharing advice and mistakes you’ve each made, which will help you stay ahead. 

We all hear these days that industries are being ‘disrupted’ by a new technology or new way of doing things. When this happens it’s important to follow the changes, because your customers may think your way of doing things is now old and not what they want. You may have to adapt and pivot to stop your business failing.

5. Source new clients

As we now know, business events are one of the best places to network. You can meet a huge range of people you wouldn’t otherwise have encountered, some of whom will be potential clients. 

Aside from simply meeting people who may want to work with you, a huge plus to having a large network is the new customers it can bring in for you over time. Millions of pounds of business are passed each year in Manchester through referrals, so don’t stay in the office and miss out on your chance to cash in.

6. You’ll improve work processes

Whatever you do in your business, chances are you can automate or simplify some processes. As an entrepreneur you know that there are never enough hours in the day! Automation, outsourcing or simplifying will give you your time back to focus on other important things. Whether you choose to spend more time with family, or simply spend time on other parts of the business, your time is valuable. 

7. See how events work

If you’ve thought about using events as a marketing tool and taking up a stand, visiting one is the ideal way to have a sneak peek at how they work. You can speak to existing exhibitors, have a look at the setup and number of visitors etc. Being there will really give you a feel for whether events could be something in your business’ future.

8. Nothing to lose

Most events are free to visit, and you can attend as many seminars, features etc. as you like. No matter which industry you’re in or what stage your business is at, chances are you’ll find something useful from attending. 

It’s just a couple hours or a day away from your desk and laptop, and you won’t regret it! 

The biggest business event in the North of England is on 17th & 18th March at Manchester Central and it’s free to attend. It’s called The Northern Business Expo, and you’ll find unrivalled networking opportunities, key skills workshops and masterclasses from experts, inspirational business keynotes, one to one advice and more than 100 exhibitors and suppliers. 

Read more about what you’ll discover at the Northern Business Expo 2020, then get your free ticket to the event online now!

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