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22 Jan 2019
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Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
Market your business effectively without having to break the bank.
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Top tips for entrepreneurs
Tricia Fox, Managing Director of Volpa, one of Scotland’s top independent marketing ag...
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Content is not king, it's the Emperor's new clothes
You’d have had to be living under a rock for the last few years to have missed the con...
HR Dept Ltd / 17 Nov 2018
You started your business or got the job running it because you are really good at what ...
Andy Goldberg - ActionCOACH / 15 Nov 2018
Four reasons to use B2B email marketing
It’s easy to think that social media is the only way forward. Nearly every business, b...
BA / 30 Jan, 2019
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Seminar Timetable Released!

We're exctied to announce that the seminar timetable for the 2019 show is now available. The this year's show you'll find different seminars on each day, so be sure to read through the listing carefully on each day to make sure that you don't miss out! 

As usual there will be 3 halls: The Keynote Seminar Hall, Seminar Hall 2 and Seminar Hall 3. All will be packed with expert speakers covering a range of topics from marketing to mental health. Here we take a look at a few highlights from each hall. 

Once you've registered for your free ticket, you'll be able to add all the seminars you want to attend to your scehdule. To do this, just make sure you are logged in and click the + Schedule button next to each session. 
Please note that all times and halls are subject to change

Keynote Seminar Hall: 

Tuesday 12th March
  • The importance of failure to achieve success with Antony Woodcock. The entrepreneurs journey can often be a lonely one. It's important to know that others have met the same difficulties, challenges and pitfalls and that it's possible to overcome them. Having the strength of mind to carry on is imperative to success. Hear how Antony grew his business to £5M with 15,000 unique users and won Amazon's Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2018.
  • The language of winning with Pete Lowe. Pete will invite you to reflect on you workplace cultures and consider whether they inspire a winning mindset and support team members to take responsibility, without pointing the finger of blame. It will also ask whether work cultures enable employees at every level to challenge the status quo, respecting the fact that the team is the sum of all parts where no single person takes the credit or shoulders the blame.
  • Influence in a changing world with Warren Cass. Attend this seminar if you'd like a better grasp of how to current trends and how this impacts you business. You'll walk away with a greater understaning of your customers, how to engage with them as well as how to improve the effectiveness of your communication

Wednesday 13th March 
  • Be the hero conusmers need with Kenda MacDonald. With a background in Forensic Psychology and an affinity for statistics and behaviourally intelligent automation – Kenda's not your average expert. This enlightening semianr is is about the way that consumers are demanding a more transparent and engaging relationship with businesses. 
  • Keeping it real - The key to business success in 2019 with Ben Kench. Are you finding times tough ish? Do you struggle to stand out from the competitive crowd? Does that 'desired growth' keep evading you no matter what you try? Fact: times are changing rapidly as technology pervades every aspect of business and the growth of 'small business' brings is many challenges as opportunities - so how do we make it work for us? In this seminar Ben will give us insights to help us cut through the noise and techniques that we can easily adopt to transform our business lives in this new era. 
  • How I created a million pound business in under a year with Josh Riddett.  Josh founded and is now sole MD of Easy Crypto Hunter, the UK's Top GPU Provider of GPU Crypto Mining Hardware. He went from building computers in his bedroom to running a £1m company in less than a year. 

Seminar Hall 2 

Tuesday 12th March 
Wednesday 13th March 

Seminar Hall 3

Tuesday 12th March 
Wednesday 13th March 

This is just a small selection of the fantastic seminars planned for March 12th & 13th. Take a look at the full line up here.

There will also be 5 dedicated workshop halls running over the 2 days including: the Employment & Leadership Hall, the Digital Marketing Hall, the Automation and Tech Hall, the Sales Workshops Hall and the Funding Hall. 

Make sure you have your ticket and we will see you there! 
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