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Daisy Communications / 25 Feb 2020
Unpacking the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Range
Explore and save on the new Samsung S20 Range
Northern Business Expo / 24 Feb 2020
11 steps to get the most out of visiting an expo or trade show
Events and trade shows are great for many reasons, no more so than in this digital age. ...
Huthwaite International / 23 Feb 2020
SPIN® SELLING – stop talking and start listening
Sellers must take care not to get caught up in the excitement of talking about the bells...
Northern Business Expo / 22 Feb 2020
The 7 building blocks for a prosperous consultancy career
Whether you’re unsure how to begin your consulting career, or you’ve already started...
Northern Business Expo / 22 Feb 2020
5 books every small business owner and entrepreneur needs
Here is a list of our top 5 books that every small business owner and entrepreneur shoul...
Northern Business Expo / 21 Feb 2020
How to keep your mind healthy whilst running a small business
One in six people who work in the UK have anxiety, depression or similar every year, and...
YorCyberSec / 20 Feb 2020
IT Support is NOT Information Security
With the many pressures facing smaller businesses, trying to reduce expenditure is alway...
Northern Business Expo / 20 Feb 2020
Invoice scams targeting SME's - how to stay safe
Scammers today are not the same as 5 or 10 years ago. It’s so important to stay vigila...
Northern Business Expo / 18 Feb 2020
The 3 start-up planning basics 
​​​​​​​Your mission statement will be beneficial to you throughout your bu...
Northern Business Expo / 17 Feb 2020
5 simple strategies to improve the quality of your work life
By changing your thinking and being more positive to all aspects of your job then you wi...
YorCyberSec / 16 Feb 2020
Is it safer to be untrusting?
With the rise in scams against the public and organisations is it now safer to be untrus...
Northern Business Expo / 13 Feb 2020
14 compelling reasons to join a business or professional association
Whether local, regional or national an association is a key place to meet your peers and...
DOWO Digital / 12 Feb 2020
Why small businesses should outsource digital marketing
Digital marketing can be a minefield for a beginner or novice and you can’t afford to ...
Northern Business Expo / 10 Feb 2020
Managing a mix of paper and digital
Read this to find the help you need to manage and protect your valuable information and ...
YorCyberSec / 10 Feb 2020
The IT security basics
Sometimes it helps to take a step back from looking at the latest and greatest security ...
Northern Business Expo / 08 Feb 2020
Staggering Sales Statistics: Start Selling Smarter
​​​​​​​Although numbers don’t tell the whole story, they certainly help ...
Northern Business Expo / 07 Feb 2020
How to avoid or overcome sales objections effectively
Remember, objections are inevitable. So instead of trying to sell harder, or simply gett...
Northern Business Expo / 06 Feb 2020
Deal with tough sales questions like a boss.
First make sure you have listened and understand their question. Don’t be scared to cl...
Northern Business Expo / 06 Feb 2020
What makes a great B2B salesperson in the 21st century?
Do you need to take a step back and work on yourself to become an even better b2b salesp...
Northern Business Expo / 05 Feb 2020
How can storytelling increase your sales?
Over 60% of people remember stories but only 5% remember individual stats. With that in ...
Northern Business Expo / 04 Feb 2020
Say less, sell more
Filler words are the meaningless or unnecessary sounds, words or phrases that mark a pau...
Northern Business Expo / 04 Feb 2020
5 easy ways to boost sales in your new business
Right now, you are your business’s best asset, and no one is better placed to take it ...
Northern Business Expo / 03 Feb 2020
5 simple steps to energise your sales team
5 easy steps for you to add some life into your staff and revitalize your team!
Northern Business Expo / 03 Feb 2020
5 easy ways to increase your profit margins
There are some core fundamentals that often flow the same throughout many companies that...
Northern Business Expo / 02 Feb 2020
Easy techniques to quickly close every sale
Every scenario will need a different closing method. Ensure you and your team are well p...
Northern Business Expo / 31 Jan 2020
Nightmare mistakes you can avoid in your new business
As a new start-up, these first few months can be worrying times – especially if its yo...
Northern Business Expo / 30 Jan 2020
12 productivity hacks
Increasing your productivity is a critical step in achieving your personal and professio...
Northern Business Expo / 29 Jan 2020
Start-up to win £5000 funding in March - could it be you?
Not just the £5000, the winning entrepreneur will also receive an exclusive prize packa...
Northern Business Expo / 29 Jan 2020
How to plan for successful self-employment as a female boss
How does your ideal day look in five years time? The important thing here is to focus on...
Northern Business Expo / 28 Jan 2020
Is it the right time to quit your job?
Whatever your reason for considering quitting, remember it's okay to do so. You need to ...
Northern Business Expo / 14 Jan, 2020
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Meet the seminar speakers!

The seminar timetable for the biggest event in the North’s business calendar is now live! The event is open 10am – 4pm on both 17th & 18th March at Manchester Central and tickets are completely free! You’ll need to grab your in advance though, which you can do here.

Note that most of the talks are different on each day so feel free to come on both days with your free ticket. Once you have your ticket, you can see all the seminars and add them to your online schedule, to make sure you don’t miss out!

These are just some of the fantastic seminars you can attend at the event, not including the keynote speakers and the skills masterclasses!

Paul McGregor - 
Mental Health Speaker, Advocate, Author and Founder, EveryMind

Paul will be speaking on ‘Why it's time to start focusing on mental health within the workplace...’ at the Northern Business Expo.

What you'll learn:
  • Why we need to start talking about mental health (it's not a weakness)
  • How you can support your own mental health
  • Supporting others, and spotting the signs that someone may be struggling
  • The power of vulnerability, and how it can change culture at work

Get your free ticket online now!

Adrianne Carter - The UK's foremost expert on facial expressions, emotion and behaviour for a commercial ROI.

Adrianne will be speaking on ‘Unlocking the face to unlock the money in your business...’ at the Northern Business Expo.

What you'll learn:
  • The 3 most important facial expressions for Sales growth
  • How to spot the person that is not bought into your ideas
  • Build better relationships with all the people in your life

 Get your free ticket online now!

Robert Indries - Founding member of multiple profitable businesses with operations on four continents.

Robert will be speaking on ‘How to double your business in 12 months’ at the Northern Business Expo.

What you'll learn:
  • The difference between marketing and effective marketing (you know, the kind that helps you actually grow the business and get more clients)
  • A clear plan on how to significantly grow your business in 2020, or how to improve your current one
  • What the fastest growing companies and business professionals from all across the world are doing to stay ahead

 Get your free ticket online now!

Suzanne Burke - Acting Small Business Commissioner

Suzanne will be speaking on ‘Cash is king, get paid on time!’ at the Northern Business Expo.

What you'll learn:
  • The impact of late payment on small business
  • The importance of managing cashflow
  • Best practice for getting paid on time
  • How to access the free support of the Small Business Commissioner if you encounter payment problems
  • Understand the contract and terms and conditions that you have signed up to

 Get your free ticket online now!

Arnab Dutt OBE - SME Panel Member, National Policy Lead for BAME Businesses, FSB

Arnab will be speaking on ‘Are you ready to grow your business? The Social Value Act could be your opportunity!’ at the Northern Business Expo.

What you'll learn:
  • Understand what the Social Value Act is
  • Become aware of how it will change public sector procurement.
  • Understand what businesses need to do to be ready.
  • Be aware of the huge opportunities to scale up

Get your free ticket online now!

Helen Dewdeny - Consumer champion and best-selling author of The Complaining Cow

Helen will be speaking on ‘What consumers love and hate about complaint handling’ at the Northern Business Expo.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Maintain and increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce complacency among staff and improve their productivity
  • Future proof the sales process
  • Keep your customers coming back for more of the same excellent service. 

 Get your free ticket online now!

Nicky Wilkins - Ex financial advisor for one of the top high-street banks turned Finance guru.

Nicky will be speaking on 'The 7 deadly sins of accounting in business' at the Northern Business Expo.

What you'll learn:
  • How a fresh approach and potentially a new finance system can help move your business forward
  • Genuine real-world takeaways to go back to the office to improve efficiencies now and in the future

 Get your free ticket online now!

Achmed Essar - Record holder for winning the most contracts per business in less than nine months

Achmed will be speaking on ‘Triple your chances of winning new tenders repeatedly within 12 months’ at the Northern Business Expo.

What you'll learn:
  • How to source private & public tenders effectively (what bid consultants hide from you)
  • Win rates (the truth behind 80-95% tender win rates – what they are and how to get there, and why bidding professionals don’t like to speak about it)
  • Why most companies give up on bidding and lose out
  • How even “sole traders” can win £40k tenders (tricks and tips worth £100k alone and what not many professionals know)
  • How we enabled micro- and small businesses to win 1 tender per month within 8 months - (a safe & risk-free step by step approach explained thoroughly for everyone to try).
  • The power of consortiums (how to beat medium and large corporations, and why this works so well)

Get your free ticket online now!

See the seminar timetable here, where you can add the ones you'd like to attend to your online schedule. 

There’s also a huge range of free key skills masterclasses running at the event including Sales, Digital Marketing, Employment & Leadership and Funding. Not to mention you can learn directly from Google in their Digital Garage sessions. See the workshop timetable here!

Not to mention the inspirational keynote speakers, who you can see here!

Remember you’ll need your free ticket to the event at Manchester Central on 17th & 18th March, get it free online now!
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