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/ 28 Jan, 2020
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Is it the right time to quit your job?

The average Brit spends 84,171 hours working in their career. To put that into perspective, that’s 3,507 days of your life.

Statistics show that throughout that period, on average, we think about quitting our jobs 16 times a year. If that number seems low to you then it might be time for you to take the leap and start a new chapter in your professional life. Although this might seem undoable, as Mark Zuckerberg said, “the biggest risk is not taking any risk”. 

The list of reasons why you may want to quit your jobs is endless and some of them are pretty much unavoidable. I mean, I think nearly all of us would “rather be at home relaxing” or don’t like getting up early, and often, unless you have managers to run your own business, this is unachievable. However, sometimes the only way too not dread what’s left of those 3,507 days is to change jobs/companies.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should quit your job and seek something more fulfilling this year.

Little or no opportunity for progression?

One of the main reasons that push professionals to leave their roles is the lack of ability to grow. You may currently be in a position that doesn't support your personal and professional development, if that's the case maybe it's time to quit your job. 

Another indication that you're in the wrong environment is to look at the path of promotion. If it seems like a lot of your peers (or even you) have been stuck in the same position for years, and there isn’t a clear sign of progression, you should start looking for another role that will afford you that growth. Working for a company is great when there’s potential for you to grow within the business, but when that stops, the working environment can become frustrating.

Being underchallenged

If you’re at the time of your life that you’re building a career, you need to have a sense of challenge. Being comfortable in your role will not push you to become better and work harder. If you're happy with where you are in your role then this doesn't apply to you, but if you're trying to make it in your field, you need a position that encourages you to grow and learn new skills. Sometime you need to take a look and decide if you have got all you can get out of a job, and whether it is time for you to move on and find your next challenge.

Feeling undervalued

No one wants to feel overlooked. If you're putting your very best into your work and are adding extra value to a company but don’t get anything in return, that should be enough to send you packing.

Sometimes being undervalued isn't a financial issue, some companies just have smaller budgets but ultimately you need to be recognized for your hard work. Something as simple as a thank you, a bonus or a perk of some kind goes a long way and it's just nice to know when you’ve done well.

Money is always a big issue too. If you feel like you’re being underpaid for the work you’re doing, find a new job. Always know what you’re worth, so if you know that you could be paid more somewhere else for what you’re currently doing, and you don't feel appreciated enough to make up for it, go with the money.

Lack of job security

If the business is failing you could go down with the ship, but you need to consider what it’s worth to you. Some employers will reward your loyalty, especially if the business turns around, but some will take an ‘every person for themselves’ approach when they're in danger. You don't want to come in one day and find that the company you work for is in liquidation, leaving you with no job, no money and no options. Better to take things into your own hands, while you still can!

You hate it

Yes, you have to work to make money and I'm sure a lot of people would hate being jobless a lot more than they hate their job, but you need to draw the line somewhere. if you’re going to bed every night dreading having to get up the next day because you hate your job and your work life is affecting your real life, it is time to let go! It isn’t worth your sanity.This can often be a hard step to take because you are putting yourself and your happiness first, without knowing what opportunity is next, but it is one that few people regret once they've done it.

Bad relationships

We've all heard the horror stories about a previous nightmare boss or co-worker. Funnily enough they are always past tense, as it is a very common reason for an employee to leave a position.

If your working environment feels unfriendly or has someone that you dread coming into contact with each day you have two options. You can speak to someone in charge and see if there is a resolution that can be reached, or you can leave the company. It's always worth speaking to your employer first - usually they don't want to lose employees becuase they can't get on, so will often work hard to find a solution. Ultimately though, you need to put yourself first and get out of the negative environment, however you choose to.

Lack of flexibility

You'll of heard the term 'flexible working' talked about lots recently, and for good reason. These days employees are aware that they don't have to sit in a stuffy office doing the 9-5 to do their job. If you want or need to work more flexibly - whether that's different hours or from a different location - then your boss should at least have that conversation with you. If they won't consider it or don't have a good reason for saying no, then it's time to find an employer who will. There are plenty of companies that understand the working day is evolving.

Whatever your reason for considering quitting, remember it's okay to do so. You need to look after yourself first, and if you're not happy move on. You won't regret it!

If you want to network with thousands of business professionals and owners, where you might well find your next employer or business partner, come along for free to the Northern Business Expo. It's the biggest business event in the North of England, takes place at Manchester Central and is on 17th & 18th March. Just get your free ticket online here, then come along and keep your skills & knowledge up to date, network your socks off, and listen to the inspiring keynotes.
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