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DOWO Digital
/ 21 Jan, 2020
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How to work out if your customer journey needs improvement

DOWO Digital are an award-winning Digital Solutions Business exhibiting at stand 850 at the Northern Business Expo 2020. 

When a customer visits your brand's website, you want their experience to be smooth, seamless and successful. And successful can mean a number of things from purchasing a product to signing up to your email list.

Are you tailoring your site to your customer's needs and making their interaction with your brand a positive one? Can they find what they're looking for? Here's how to analyse your customer journey:

Using Data is Key

Without a data-driven approach to your customer journey, it'll be difficult for you to assess where problems are arising and highlight changes that can be implemented. It's not enough to just imagine you're a customer and look at your website from their perspective: you're probably too close to your brand to make objective assessments and your site is at lots of different types of users.

Use Google Analytics or other data software to avoid guesswork and generate concrete findings. You'll have lots of data at your fingertips that will help you to see how people are reaching, interacting and engaging with your site.

What metrics should you be looking at? There are lots of metrics you can keep an eye on, but some of the most telling and straightforward metrics to analyse are the following:

Ranking URLs
  • Look at your top ranking URLs - customers might have reached you through a search engine or from a social media app. If your top ranking URLs aren't matching up with the search terms and keywords your customers are using then you need to make some changes.
  • Your ranking pages need to provide a good, useful customer experience by providing customers with what they're looking for. Make sure that appropriate pages are ranking. SEO work is needed if not.

Exit rates
  • If users aren't finding what they want and moving to the next stage of the customer journey - they'll leave your page. Pages with high exit rates need to be made relevant, valuable and compelling.
  • Help your user to make the next step. But if it's a page where an exit rate makes sense, such as a contact page with address details then don't worry too much.

Conversion Analysis
  • Your site's conversion framework is likely to be across a few different pages. For example, when someone is buying a product from you, they'll put items in a basket and then have to go through a few more pages to insert their address and payment details. So, there is potential for people to drop off in the process.
  • This can mean there's a problem and it's not simple or easy for people to complete their transaction.
  • Set up a funnel report in Google Analytics to map a customer journey and find problems with your conversion pages.

Performance by Device
  • Users are reaching your site and viewing it on different devices, with mobile device usage increasing massively. Your site must be optimized for mobile and responsive. You can use Google Analytics to segment your users i.e desktop, tablet and mobile and this will allow you to compare your site's performance across devices.
  • If a device is noticeably lagging behind, then changes need to be made.

Websites that make a customer journey uncluttered and clear will benefit from users being able to easily navigate a site and avoid obstacles that distract them from their destination.

Get in touch with our team for SEO and CRO audits to help you make quick wins and increase conversion and customer journeys.

For more help and advice about good marketing tools for your business, or you’d like DOWO Digital to take over a few, meet DOWO Digital on stand 850 at the Northern Business Expo. Once you have your free ticket to the biggest business event in the North, you can even make yourself a priority and arrange a meeting with DOWO on their stand, so you don't have to wait around.

At the event on 17th & 18th March at Manchester Central you'll also find free digital marketing masterclasses, 121 expert advice and you can compare a variety of digital marketing solutions!
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