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Northern Business Expo / 06 Jan, 2020
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Building a Dream Team: 5 ways to do it

There are many quotes emphasising the importance of employees to businesses, from “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace” to “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers”.

Highlighted by major tycoons, it is essential to attract and retain the best talent as a business, as its these employees that will take the most complex problem and provide the best solutions.

Here are five easy strategies coined from wanting to attract and retain the right people to build such a team:

Explain what your business does and what you are trying to achieve.

Obvious maybe, but many employees are far too focussed on just their role – not the overriding picture. Giving everyone a deep understanding of the business and what you want to achieve will encourage valuable collaboration and knowledge sharing. Employees who understand where they fit in will be more secure and confident in their role increasing their ideas and productivity.

Delegate and empower.

Often, employees will excel when they are delegated more responsibility. Well known theorist Maslow believed that when this is done, employees will have feelings of esteem and self-actualisation fulfilled – meaning they are more motivated and thus, more likely to stay. So ask yourself, do you allow your employees enough freedom and responsibility at current? If not, next time you have a big decision to make, empower them and let them in on the decision-making process and see how they respond. 

Enhance creativity.

A creative atmosphere should always be encouraged in any office space. Providing time for employees to socialise and laugh together away from the everyday pressures of work will build trust and enable effective communication allowing creativity to flourish. As a result, workers will feel motivated as they feel more worthy and part of a team. From having higher levels of creativity and motivation, your employees will become more involved in the business rather than just seeing the job as something to fill the hours from 9-5 and earn money. 

Improve productivity and efficiency.

Using the methods above you can build a team that communicates effectively and trusts in each other’s value. Supported by ongoing training, rewards and further team building you can create a team that will always collaborate, question and grow. This will produce the ongoing improvements in productivity and efficiency that are found at the heart of every successful business.

Offer employee benefits.

Keep your employees happy and they will; take fewer sick days; progress quicker and take on new skills and responsibilities; work longer, harder and more effectively; do what is best for the company rather than what is easier for them. This will not only create a more enjoyable workplace for them and you but will make a real difference to the profits your company produces.

You can either pay a company to provide your employees with ‘perks’ or you can go down the route of doing this internally; perhaps give them flexible working hours or good holiday to give them a good work/life balance or offer competitive rates of pay and allow scope for progression to get talent through the door and keep hold of it when you get it. 

Creating a ‘dream team’ is not always easy, but when achieved it will make a measurable, long term, positive impact to your corporation. So, what are you waiting for? Start building that world beating team today! If you're looking for more advice, the Northern Business Expo has a whole set of masterclasses on Leadership & Employment which will give you the skills you need to build your dream team.

You'll also be able to meet some recruitment companies and discuss whether that would be the right choice for you. Simply get your free ticket online now, and then come along to Manchester Central on 17th & 18th March!

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