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Northern Business Expo / 24 Feb 2020
11 steps to get the most out of visiting an expo or trade show
Events and trade shows are great for many reasons, no more so than in this digital age. ...
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SPIN® SELLING – stop talking and start listening
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The 7 building blocks for a prosperous consultancy career
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5 books every small business owner and entrepreneur needs
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Northern Business Expo / 21 Feb 2020
How to keep your mind healthy whilst running a small business
One in six people who work in the UK have anxiety, depression or similar every year, and...
YorCyberSec / 20 Feb 2020
IT Support is NOT Information Security
With the many pressures facing smaller businesses, trying to reduce expenditure is alway...
Northern Business Expo / 20 Feb 2020
Invoice scams targeting SME's - how to stay safe
Scammers today are not the same as 5 or 10 years ago. It’s so important to stay vigila...
Northern Business Expo / 18 Feb 2020
The 3 start-up planning basics 
​​​​​​​Your mission statement will be beneficial to you throughout your bu...
Northern Business Expo / 17 Feb 2020
5 simple strategies to improve the quality of your work life
By changing your thinking and being more positive to all aspects of your job then you wi...
YorCyberSec / 16 Feb 2020
Is it safer to be untrusting?
With the rise in scams against the public and organisations is it now safer to be untrus...
Northern Business Expo / 13 Feb 2020
14 compelling reasons to join a business or professional association
Whether local, regional or national an association is a key place to meet your peers and...
DOWO Digital / 12 Feb 2020
Why small businesses should outsource digital marketing
Digital marketing can be a minefield for a beginner or novice and you can’t afford to ...
Northern Business Expo / 10 Feb 2020
Managing a mix of paper and digital
Read this to find the help you need to manage and protect your valuable information and ...
YorCyberSec / 10 Feb 2020
The IT security basics
Sometimes it helps to take a step back from looking at the latest and greatest security ...
Northern Business Expo / 08 Feb 2020
Staggering Sales Statistics: Start Selling Smarter
​​​​​​​Although numbers don’t tell the whole story, they certainly help ...
Northern Business Expo / 07 Feb 2020
How to avoid or overcome sales objections effectively
Remember, objections are inevitable. So instead of trying to sell harder, or simply gett...
Northern Business Expo / 06 Feb 2020
Deal with tough sales questions like a boss.
First make sure you have listened and understand their question. Don’t be scared to cl...
Northern Business Expo / 06 Feb 2020
What makes a great B2B salesperson in the 21st century?
Do you need to take a step back and work on yourself to become an even better b2b salesp...
Northern Business Expo / 05 Feb 2020
How can storytelling increase your sales?
Over 60% of people remember stories but only 5% remember individual stats. With that in ...
Northern Business Expo / 04 Feb 2020
Say less, sell more
Filler words are the meaningless or unnecessary sounds, words or phrases that mark a pau...
Northern Business Expo / 04 Feb 2020
5 easy ways to boost sales in your new business
Right now, you are your business’s best asset, and no one is better placed to take it ...
Northern Business Expo / 03 Feb 2020
5 simple steps to energise your sales team
5 easy steps for you to add some life into your staff and revitalize your team!
Northern Business Expo / 03 Feb 2020
5 easy ways to increase your profit margins
There are some core fundamentals that often flow the same throughout many companies that...
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Easy techniques to quickly close every sale
Every scenario will need a different closing method. Ensure you and your team are well p...
Northern Business Expo / 31 Jan 2020
Nightmare mistakes you can avoid in your new business
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Northern Business Expo / 30 Jan 2020
12 productivity hacks
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Northern Business Expo / 29 Jan 2020
Start-up to win £5000 funding in March - could it be you?
Not just the £5000, the winning entrepreneur will also receive an exclusive prize packa...
Northern Business Expo / 29 Jan 2020
How to plan for successful self-employment as a female boss
How does your ideal day look in five years time? The important thing here is to focus on...
Northern Business Expo / 28 Jan 2020
Is it the right time to quit your job?
Whatever your reason for considering quitting, remember it's okay to do so. You need to ...
Northern Business Expo / 15 Jan, 2020
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Attending seminars v online research

Is attending an exhibition or seminar just a waste of time now so much information is available online?  We match up the two options against a series of objectives to help you decide….

a) Meeting new suppliers 

Seminars and events – You can ask questions, see and experience demonstrations and get to know the people behind the companies you want to work with – they may turn out to be valuable connections as you grow your business. You may encounter services and suppliers you didn’t even know you needed!

Online - It can be hard to trust companies you find online and often difficult to ask the questions you need answers to.

Seminars 1 Online 0

b) Networking opportunities

Seminars and events – You will find that other delegates at a conference that’s relevant to you will have similar aims and objectives. You might find yourself sat next to the new best customer or a valuable mentor. Mixing with people trying to learn new skills and ‘better’ themselves s nearly always a positive experience.

Online – Whilst you can meet hundreds and hundreds of people online, sometimes it’s difficult to build reliable relationships and online learning channels often lack energy and inspiration.

Seminars 2 Online 0

c) Discovering the latest tech and tools

Seminars and events – In person demonstrations are a great way to understand how the latest tech can be relevant and useful to your business. You can also ask questions and receive answers that will clarify and confirm the value to you.

Online – Some online demonstrations really are great and very useful, but there is some much information out there sometimes it’s hard to find what you are looking for and then hard to assess the value to your business.

Seminars 3 Online 0

d) Finding Inspiration

Seminars and events – The best events feature the opportunity to hear or meet inspirational characters from your sector, you might not end up becoming Richard Branson’s new best mate, but some inspiration or a valuable connection might be the result.

Online – It is possible to find contact details for your heros online and sometimes you can even persuade them to engage with you. So the potential for something useful to happen is there, but more often than not your well thought out approaches just remain unanswered.

Seminars 4 Online 0

e) Finding New customers 

Seminars and events – Unless you exhibit, you might be a little limited to networking opportunities rather than a direct approach to a potential customer, although many exhibitions offer opportunities to do this as a feature or area.

Online – You can find a wealth of information about potential customers online, and approach companies that would be hard to reach using traditional methods. And, whilst this doesn’t always result in business it is worth a try!

Seminars 4 Online 1

f) Cost

Seminars and events – Usually these come with a cost, and there is also travel, accommodation and expenses to think about.

Online – More often than not this is Free, and if there is a cost it’s not normally much.

Full time - Seminars 4 Online 2

Despite a late comeback, and even though we live in the digital age it appears seminars and events still offer tangible benefits and particularly for business owner they can have a real impact!

If you’re in the North of England, the best place to visit is the Northern Business Expo at Manchester Central on 17th & 18th March. It's completely free to attend, and is the biggest event in the North of England so don't miss out - get your free ticket online now!
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