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Atlas Business Group
Server Colocation could have more benefits than you think.
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Northern Business Expo
/ 17 Feb, 2020
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5 simple strategies to improve the quality of your work life

If you are miserable in your day-to-day work, and have no motivation to change that, you'll find it common to feel greater amounts of stress, have increased chances of developing health problems but worse of all, you are limiting the ability to progress your career. 

It is essential to have a more realistic view when it comes to your job. Accept that work brings difficulty and troubling times – it’s common. It’s about what you do in those moments and how you can relish from these. Becoming successful isn’t an easy path right to the top.

The road your own has many hills and trees in the way, but don’t let that hold you back. Take a look at these 5 strategies that you can easily implement to improve the quality of your working life. 

1. Set targets 
Setting targets can help you achieve both personal and professional goals. By having something to work towards reduces that overwhelming feeling we get when we feel like we have everything to do and no time to do it. 

As much as it is important to set challenging targets to avoid laziness or ineffectiveness, it is just as, if not more as, important to create realistic goals. Have an unachievable goal doesn’t help anybody – it will just make you feel even more stressed as you become to realise more and more that you are ‘uncapable’ of achieving your goal the closer you get to the due date. Remember, by breaking those larger projects into smaller segments, you’ll stay motivated during each task you complete (professionally and personally).

2. Channel stress into hard work
Turn stress, or whatever the unwanted emotions you are feeling, into positive action. Don't let it negatively affect how you operate – turn it into motivation. If you feel you are unable to do this, don’t just carry on. By ignoring stress, things are likely to get worse. Tackle your problems head on; are there perks your business offers which could help benefit you? E.g. Reduced gym memberships or other health benefit schemes. 

3. Recognise opportunities
Things can get tough when all you think about is how you are stuck in a job that you hate. Not only is it key to appreciate everything that you have achieved already, but to see everything as an opportunity. Got a difficult project coming up? See it as a challenge to prove to yourself you are good enough. Or perhaps there is a promotion to be had? Go for it.

Turn your negative views away and open you eyes more to positive actions. By doing this, you will feel a vast improvement in your attitude to going to work. 

4. Have a laugh
Reduce how serious you are. Life can be hectic, and you can become so absorbed with your job that it feels like all you do is work. Laugh more, especially at yourself. We all make mistakes, its part of learning and bettering yourself. Don’t get caught up in believing you are incapable or aren’t good enough for the job. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and learn from your mistakes. 

5. Be helpful
By supporting others in the company, perhaps when they ask for it or just to help them become the successful people they want to be, will help you on your own desire to achieve success. If you live your working life so blinkered or believe you’re the only one that matters, you will often struggle. Give, and be acceptance to help, and you will see that feeling more as part of a team than battling against the odds by yourself is a much more sustainable way to work. 

There is no greater limit to success than a negative view. By changing your thinking and being more positive to all aspects of your job then you will see your job more as a something to enhance your career as opposed to just filling the hours 9-5. These is by no means a comprehensive list of ways you can boost your mood at work, but it's somewhere to start. Of course, if you're worried about your mental health or feel consistently sad go and see your doctor as they might be able to help further. 

To hear more about improving mental health in the workplace why not visit the Northern Business Expo? It's the biggest business event in the North of England, takes place on 17th & 18th March at Manchester Central and is free to attend. So don't miss out - get your free ticket online now!

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