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Northern Business Expo
/ 08 Jan, 2020
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5 keys to a happy, engaged and effective team

Choosing the right people to join your business is the easy part. You can hire a recruitment agency to do that part of the job for you. Retaining your staff is a completely different story. 

You want to build a reliable work force that will stick around to help grow your business for years to come, and the best way you’ll do that is to keep them engaged and motivated. Let’s look at 5 ways you can maintain your employee happiness. 

Regular feedback and appreciation

It sounds simple but recognition, appreciation and a simple thank you go a long way, as a whopping 79% of professionals who leave their jobs cite lack of appreciation. 

Monthly performance meetings care a great way to sit down with your staff individually, to give them feedback on their current performance. Let them know exactly what it is they’re doing well and build on that, so they can keep excelling and producing fantastic work for the business. These sessions are also a great way to shine a light on areas of improvement, give constructive comments and work with each team member to find out how they can perform better.

Give them a voice

Providing a workplace where your employees have a voice creates a great environment with higher focus, productivity and positivity. Staff also tend to trust and respect management when they are regularly asked for their opinion and will work harder as they feel more a part of the company.

Your employees are out in the slog as much as you are, speaking to customers and interacting with clients. They bring a whole different perspective to the table and are likely to have fresh and interesting ideas on how to improve your business.

Highlight opportunities for growth

One of the key things employees look for in a job is the opportunity for progression. No one wants to work a dead-end job with no hope of growth, so make sure your employees know exactly how high up the ladder they can climb and exactly what they need to do to climb each rung. 

Professionals are constantly seeking ways to improve themselves and add to their arsenal of skills. If you can offer free training opportunities, or can send them on valuable courses, let them know. Not only will it beneficial for them but your business as well.

Incentives and rewards

Employee incentives are a fantastic way to increase morale and productivity within your workforce. Set individual or company wide goals and reward your team when they achieve each one. It can be as simple as a cash bonus or a big group day out somewhere. Give your staff something to work towards. 

Flexible working

The demand for flexible working amongst UK employees is on the rise, with 78% of employees saying flexible working arrangements has made them more productive. Not only does it improve productivity but also happiness, so it’s a win win for you the employer.

Allow your staff to work flexible hours, maybe start their working day early and finish early. Or in some cases work through their lunch through the week, bank up their hours and take the Friday off. Consider allowing your staff to work remotely. If it’s a position where they can work from a laptop or shared online work space, give your team the option to work from home a few days in the working week.

Ultimately it’s up to you how much you implement these things, but be warned that employees will often leave without stating their real reason for going. It costs to recruit, and is particularly hard if you’re trying to replace someone who was very good at their job. 
Many time, staff will leave without giving an honest reason why, so you might not know what it is you’re doing wrong.

To find out more about ways to retain your employees, meet recruitment companies or HR companies, attend employment and leadership workshops and more for free, simply get your free ticket to the Northern Business Expo. It’s the biggest business event in the North of England, held at Manchester Central on 17th & 18th March.

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