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15 Mar, 2020 /
Dasiy Communications
With the UK's biggest providers offering unlimited data plans, we answer your questions about the new tariffs.
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Ultimate guide to a successful marketing plan
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12 Mar, 2020 /
Atlas Business Group
Server Colocation could have more benefits than you think.
explore co-locating your server
Northern Business Expo
/ 28 Feb, 2020
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12 ways to push your small business to new heights

We’ve put together twelve easy steps you need to follow in order to push your business forward:

1. Put customer service first

In today’s market, good customer service wins time and time again. Consumers have higher expectations and less patience than ever, so without solid customer service you’ll soon be left behind. Consider using WhatsApp as a way for customers to contact you, or having a chatbot that people can speak to day or night. 

Retaining customers is considerably cheaper than finding new ones. Any faults or problems are usually quickly forgotten by customers if they are dealt with speedily and effectively.

2. Work on your cashflow

Lack of cashflow is the number one reason new businesses in the UK fail, so even though things might be going well, keep on top of your invoicing processes to make sure it stays that way. Consider using a debt collection company for any old debts, and make sure you send out regular payment reminders. You’ll also be helping to reduce the culture of late payments that exists and is such a problem for UK businesses.

3. Delegate and outsource

It is a common problem amongst small business owners that they think they can do everything themselves. The truth is that passing on the simple, daily or specialist tasks to an agency or employee will actually enable them to achieve more. The business owner should be focussed on the overall direction and vision for the company, rather than the daily nitty gritty.

4. Listen to podcasts in your spare time

We’re always hearing about successful business owners who read one book or podcast every day to help motivate and educate them. They’re right, spending your commute, run, or other spare time listening to business, motivational or educational podcasts or audio books will teach you valuable skills and keep your mind working.

5. Get more testimonials/feedback/reviews

Consumers trust other consumers, rather than businesses. With so much competition out there, your happy customers can be one of your best assets. Encourage them to give you Google or Facebook reviews, send you quotes to use, or provide honest feedback so you can keep growing and improving.

6. Continuously educate yourself

You’ll never know it all, but you should try! Whether you want to attend a course, do some online learning or even find a mentor, you’ll be able to grow even more by expanding your business, skills and general knowledge.

7. Don’t settle into a marketing rut

Although there is something to be said for ‘If it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ but just because you’re marketing is working doesn’t mean it couldn’t be working more effectively. Facebook adverts might give you all the customers you currently want, but how do you know that Google Adverts wouldn’t give you the same result but cheaper? You might also come across a medium that attracts far more customers, or that a combination of a few avenues works best for you. The options available to small businesses are constantly changing

8. Boost your productivity

As a small business owner there’s never enough hours in the day. Suddenly it’s lunchtime and you’ve only done half the tasks you were supposed to. Well, planning and working on your productivity can have a huge impact on your business growth. Discover the best 12 productivity hacks for small business owners.

9. Be a know-it-all

Know where your business is at, all the time. Profits, sales pipeline, leads, performance etc. Stay aware of where you’re at, and what you need to achieve as much as you can. Being in the dark can easily lead to complacency or not hitting targets because the goal isn’t clear in your head.

10. Introduce new offerings

Think about offerings that would be valuable to your existing customers. If there is a product or service you can sell to customers with their purchase, or one you can promote to your existing customers, you’re much more likely to make sales. Of course, adding services or products to your business in general can mean you appeal and are relevant to a wider audience, which can help you generate more business.

11. Set clear goals 

Know where you want to go, and what you need to achieve to get there. Having clear goals in mind is an integral part of being successful in business, and in your personal life. It clarifies your focus, and is simple to measure your progress. Always try and use SMART goals, as this will make you much more likely to achieve them – SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

12. Stay up to date

We live in a fast-changing world, and with the use of new technology changing the face of business and marketing it has never been more important to stay up to date. Now, don’t feel you have to use every new piece of tech or every new social media, but knowing about them and how they work is key. If they’re where your audience is or can help you reach them then great – get cracking – but don’t just use it because it’s new. 

Take a step back from your everyday tasks and consider how many of these points apply to you, put them in practice and see your business fly to the next level! Small business owners who are looking to grow and improve will be attending the biggest business event in the North of England at Manchester Central on 17th & 18th March 2020. Will you miss out? It’s free to attend, just get your free ticket online now!
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