Company Overview

Are you looking to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level? Do you want to build a bigger, more profitable network? We can help you grow your influence, get you leads, generate sales and much more. 

Sales directors do you want more GDPR compliant quality leads & warm prospects for your sales teams? 👊 We do the work you just close it! Our LinkedIn strategy combined with your team of highly trained sales staff will result in more sales consistently. 

Sales Directors! Do your staff hate cold calling? Do you want to help them stop being busy fools? Do you want every potential prospect to already know your salespersons name!? Yes it’s possible! We have the solution. inSurge your sales department now. inSurge your sales people now. Here at inSurge we take all the pain of the toughest bits your sales staff have to do (we all know this is consistent activity) and help you give them the simplest sales strategy in the sales industry making sure all their activity is relevant, specific and your audience all know their name! B2B marketing has never been easier with the support of inSurge, helping with your sales strategy, cold calling, lead generation, brand awareness and becoming the go to company in your industry. Helping create and generate you business through the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. No bots, not tools, no software just a fantastically powerful manual sales engagement strategy. 
How does your LinkedIn generate you revenue? We can take it to the next level.

B2B marketing using LinkedIn offers a modern successful take B2B lead generation and for business's looking to grow in B2B Sales, B2B lead generation, LinkedIn recruitment and events. Take your business further.

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